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A proposed solution to the multiple stumbles problem
You see it all the time. After stumbling upon a new item that you enjoy, you're off to the review page, only to be met with negative responses. Apparently this website has shown up at least 6 times in many others' browsers, and they all feel the need to say so. You might also be one of those people. Either way, if something is truly interesting, why should its value decrease, simply because it appears in more than one place? I suggest a system be created that would fix this issue.

1. Stumblers would first report an item as something they have seen many times before with a button on the Stumble toolbar.

2. StumbleUpon staff would then observe marked websites, and locate the original, or designate an official source for that item.

3. Then, all reviews and ratings would channel into the official page. All "duplicates" would be blocked from stumbling.

Please tell me what you think of this idea. Do you see any roadblocks that would keep this from working (the most likely one being that this has already been suggested)? If not, and if you're as sick of multiple stumbles as I am, be sure to spread the word.